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ANDRE JACQUEMIN (Sound Designer)
Andre Jacquemin
Andre Jacquemin has accumulated over 130 major awards to his credit including 2 BAFTA nominations, having worked in a various capacities in a career spanning over 40 years doing Sound Design and Sound Supervision, ADR, Foley, Music Supervision, Composing for TV, Radio and Film, and anything else the film industry can throw at him “including old socks and used dentures by retired actors”. Andre has been involved in a combination of thousands of TV shows, Radio commercials, Movies and the production of countless hit singles and albums plus recording and co-producing over 14 Monty Python albums since 1969 onwards, with some of his film works including Monty Python’s LIFE OF BRIAN and THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS. He co-owns post-production studio Redwood Studios in London with Michael Palin.

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