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PAUL YOUNG (Writer/Producer/Director)
Paul Michael Young
Paul Young is an English filmmaker born in London, 04 July 1989. After leaving school at the age of fourteen, he began writing scripts and short stories and eventually managed to enroll in a BTEC course in Film Production whilst working as a runner, and later in various other departments. During this time rather than attend classes regularly Paul started using equipment from the college to make promo films for companies, then using the money to fund his own short film productions with friends, where he cut his teeth on the basics of editing, shooting and acting. This soon led to making feature length documentary ‘Freedom From M.E.’, where Paul travelled the UK interviewing people who suffered with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After three years of trying to get several projects into development, in 2010 Paul left production to write a feature-length screenplay drawing on experiences from his own life, which he then rewrote it into a short story that would become his first professional production, THE GLOWING HOURS. He made the film at the age of 21. Paul is currently in development on his first feature-length film.

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